Can you help us unravel the mystery of Baldock’s money trail?

PUBLISHED: 17:11 15 January 2019

A mysterious trail of money has been found in Baldock. Picture Debbie Sheringham

A mysterious trail of money has been found in Baldock. Picture Debbie Sheringham


A mysterious trail of 20 pences has been left on a fence in Baldock, but does anyone know why?

A Baldock family discovered the money while walking near Tapps Garden Centre in Wallington Road on Sunday, January 6, and it was still there a day later.

The trail is shrouded in mystery as its not clear who put the money there or why.

Debbie Sheringham said: “I posted the video on Facebook thinking someone else might have seen them, or know something about them, but no one came forward.”

She has a theory as to why though. She continued: “It looked like someone had found a 20p and put it on the fence post to be found, but then we noticed that there was a pattern, so I think someone put the money there deliberately.

“I’d like to think it was just a little random act of kindness.

“Maybe someone’s new year resolution to do a small act of kindness every day perhaps.”

It seems that if it was a random act of kindness, it worked with a person also adding a 10p to the trail.

“When I realised that the coins had been placed there by someone, that made me feel happy,” said Debbie.

“When I realised that those coins hadn’t been taken, then that made me feel even happier.

“A polite and kind person leaves some money and then a load of other polite and kind people don’t take the money, and add to it.

“Baldock is a lovely town.”

The person who left the money is clearly enjoying Baldock more, but can you help us find them? Did you see anyone in the area around January 6 acting kindly? Did you see the trail? Did you add the 10p or was it you who started the trail? Let us know, we’d love to talk to you and uncover the mystery of the Baldock money trail.

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